Sunday, September 27, 2009

family vacation!

We went to Dallas over the weekend for a little break from work. Jadeyn's first vacation and she did great! It's been somewhat of a tradition since we got married to go to a professional baseball gam every year. Since we're a little low on cash this year, we opted for the Rangers. It was a blast! Rangers beat Tampa Bay 8-3! We also did some shopping at Ikea and the outlet mall in Allen. Jadeyn liked being dipped in the hot tub, although it wasn't hot at all. It was the perfect temperature for a little baby. Just like a bath : ) Jimmy and I got to go out Saturday night and eat some yummy sushi at a local hibachi grill. Jadeyn stayed at the hotel with my parents.
It was such a fun time and a much needed break from our everyday lives. We may visit a pumpkin patch tomorrow - stay tuned for more pictures!
enjoying the game from our awesome club seats!

our little fish

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the great state fair of...OKLAHOMA!

went to the fair last night. love the types of people here!

check out overall man with the leather jacket, police-looking hat and gold chain on the left

and you gotta love this man taking a rest on the curb

ahhh...true love

we couldn't get a frontal picture but this lady was OLD with purple hair wearing all goth clothing!
seriously, where are all these people the rest of the year??
the fair was great. lots of food, walking, shopping and people watching. can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Busy Quinn's

Here's the last month or so in, cute pics of you know who.

spinning on the table turner at hideaways in stillwater

Jadeyn's first OU game with dad. This is the happy time before BYU took over.

family picture at lee's resort on grand lake for labor day!

rita and i getting ready to go tubing!

us on the boat with monica

my dad losing his shorts after getting thrown off the tube by erik. sick!

jadeyn finding her feet...constantly! this started right at about 4 months old

playing on the playground with grandma quinn!

trying to learn how to hold the bottle herself. it's too heavy!!

first time on her jumper. she LOVES it. by far, her favorite toy. she even practices jumping when we're holding her.

i think we've outgrown the boppy but one of her last times lounging with her chick.

her cuddly baby doll. this is her favorite thing to sleep with. she falls to sleep right away when she's holding it.

let me also give a shout-out to jimmy for an amazing 4 years of marriage as of sept. 9! what an incredible journey we've had. we've also celebrated birthdays, labor day, our college retreat last weekend, my new job and now entering into the most wonderful season ever created!
Happy Fall Friends!!!

Learning to eat

jadeyn's first taste of rice cereal! we started the cereal at the end of august and so far, so messy. she is eating it though, but it takes her some time. we started feeding her in the chair, but soon learned she eats better in her bouncer. we haven't been real consistent with feeding her every day, but she's pretty agreeable whenever we do have the time to give her "real" food.

a few days later...she pretty much just took the spoon from me and started feeding herself. thata girl!

and the final product. we now give baths almost every night!