Monday, January 31, 2011

Potty Training 101

Jimmy and I talked last summer about really wanting to try and get Jadeyn potty-trained before her sister arrives in January. So...we did a quick 3 day method over New Year's weekend, and...wah-lah! She did it! I really coudn't believe it. Here she is on day 2, "playing while pee-pee'ing".
...and day 3, painting in panties : ) 

Consensus? The 3 day method worked great and we'll definitely be doing it with Brynlee in 1 1/2 years or so. However...potty training 2 weeks before a new baby comes home? Not a good idea. More to come on that later, but we've definitely had a number of "intentional accidents" if you can call it that since Brynlee has come home! Hoping the newness of a sister wears off soon and things get back to normal for little J.

Christmas 2010

Jadeyn's STACK of presents from Mimi. This is the real reason we moved her from the nursery to her big girl room!

At least she's not the only one who's spoiled! Mr. Abel shrinking beneath his pile of presents

She was our little "elf", bringing the gifts in

Literally, asleep in the car after 3 minutes of driving on Christmas day. The girl was TIRED.

Eating at the kid's table with Grace

Fascinated with her new Aquadoodle. Thank you Uncle Don!

Christmas morning at our house. Mamaw stopped by!

Checking out the stocking

The only real reason we celebrate this season. Read the book of Luke. It's good stuff.

Her new kitchen!

And her new art space!

What she woke up to that morning. How fun!

Santa left a special note, just for her!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Branson Christmas

We spent a few days in Branson with part of our family for Christmas this year. Had a fun time doing Silver Dollar City, staying in a cozy cabin and just relaxing with our loved ones.

The boys having fun on the Silver Dollar City christmas train

Jadeyn with her grandma and papa

Such a big girl!

Love this face

LOVES hide and seek : )

Christmas fun!

decorating our mini-tree

ok, so we've always gotten a real tree each year, but last year my mother-in-law found a steal on a "6 ft pre-lit christmas tree" for only $5!! Well, we couldn't pass it up, so we bought it and opted to use this tree instead of buying a live one. We couldn't quit laughing once we got it up because it's SO tiny! Not sure if we'll be using it again next year for our main tree, but may find a perfect little nook for our new favorite charlie brown tree.

it's a tradition to do the mayor's tree lighting and christmas parade each year with some of my favorite people: cassie, kristin, freddie and sweet sophie!

waving to the parade...

this year's christmas dress

the classic christmas toddler picture - Northpark Mall
decorating her own tree for her room

the finished product! it's beautiful, right?

Jadeyn and Abel (new cousin) being silly together. They are so sweet together!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Last May, we took Jadeyn to the beach for the first Hawaii! Here's our week long vacation in pictures. It was awesome! Enjoy!

Getting ready for the beach already

First plane ride. She did fine once the benadryl kicked in : )

These life jackets are a little top heavy!

In the backyard of our beach house

Jimmy finding a treasure buried in the garden

beaching it with a yummy lunch

decided to trade in mom's sunglasses for a pair of her own

First time to experience sand. I think she likes it!?

Since we're not surfers, boogie boarding is the next best thing

And first time in the ocean. The noise was a bit scary, but no tears! We didn't venture in the water much though

She enjoyed getting her tan on more : )

Mommy did too

Jadeyn's favorite part of the trip? Being NAKED! She was pretty much diaper-less anytime we were at the house.

AHHH! Gorgeous! Our view from the living room

The hot tub was perfect day or night

Settler's is always a fun way to break up the day! Especially with the sound of waves crashing

LOVE this girl! At Waikiki Beach

Uncle Waffles sharing his "puka dog" ~ YUM!

JR learning to surf at Waikiki

loves chasing the birds

A wonderful all-you-can-eat seafood dinner after a long beach day. J loved the crab legs!

My mom spotted this seal right outside our backyard one early morning. It woke up and hurried itself back to the ocean.

Seriously. Gorgeous.

Snorkeling at Shark's Cove on the North Shore. Jadeyn opted to stay in the sand.

We were at a luau and lo and behold, I look over and Jadeyn spotted a broom. How she saw it, I have no idea, but once seen, she had to clean! Ha!

Gah, is she not the cutest thing?

I love you, Jimmy!

Getting down with the "hula"

Love you, Bop-Bop!

"Hi fish"

And love you too, Mimi! (I'm in love with this picture! So funny to me)

Hang loose friends, I'm a natural surfer

Um, the BEST hot dog I've ever had. PukaDog, come to Oklahoma!

The WORLD'S largest maze (Dole Plantation)! I completed it (by cheating), Erik got bored and walked out, Jr and Jimmy didn't cheat, but also didn't finish and the guards had to go in and get them out. Ha!

Got bored of the birds, now she's chasing cats during dinner.

At Waiamea Bay, the waves were crazy big. Erik and my dad both jumped off that big rock! I couldn't tell them the reason I didn't jump was because I was pregnant! Not sure I would have jumped anyway, but...

The surfboard Jimmy found at the beginning of this post? Well, on the last day, my dad attempted to surf it. There was a reason that board was hidden in the garden.

Family Pictures! I love these two!

An amazing trip with my incredible family. I love them so much!