Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome Hannah Mary Elizabeth!!

Introducing Jadeyn's newest (second) cousin! They are going to be great friends!

Hannah actually weighed 3 oz more than Jadeyn at birth, but it's hard to believe now. She's so tiny and easy to hold! Jadeyn's a beast now : ) The two girls are born exactly 3 months apart.
Congratulations to Leeann, Stephen, Becca and Carl Lee! We love you guys!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More summer fun

Jadeyn's first live baby shower. We had a great time in Poteau with my mom's side of the family and are thankful for all the diapers and cute clothes!

Normally, this would be a post all by itself because of how important and special it was! Unfortunately, I'm exhausted, so it just gets a caption. This was the #6 movie premier of Harry Potter on July 15 at 12:01 a.m, with our friends, Kristin and Freddy Das, Andrea Newkirk and Cassie Pierce. No, I did not make Jadeyn stay for the movie, but how many kids Jadeyn's age will be able to say they were at this premier back in 2009 when they are like 80?? She's sooo lucky! hahhaa...and check out her cute harry potter onesie that Cass made her. And just to add in, the movie was pretty great. Obviously, books are better, but I give it 2 thumbs up. What a great night!

Chillin' at dinner. She has found her feet!

Playing outside in my bumbo with the sprinkler


Jadeyn to give her grrrpa some lovin' after his colonoscopy.

Third trip to the zoo, playing on the cats. First trip was June 6, I think and slept the whole time. This time she stayed awake and liked looking at fish.

No pictures of fireworks, but her first 4th of July in Edmond. She did awesome, slept through 27 minutes of a 28 minute show and just let out a tiny cry.

Some two month adventures

Jadeyn's been swimming 4 time so far this summer and she LOVES it! This time next year we're going to have so much fun! She's been twice in her kiddie pool in our backyard and another two times in the grown-up pool with her baby floaties and mom/dad's help.

In Chuck's arms for his 40th?? birthday party! We had a great time. Jadeyn got to meet all the Lair/Baldridge side of the family and had her first dip in the big pool with dad and her ladybug swimsuit from Maegan.

Our first play date with Adrian and Tara! Adrian was 5 months old here...Jadeyn has some growing to do in the next 3 months!!

Watching daddy play flag football with the college guys and taking pictures

Jadeyn's stretches. This girl LOVES to stretch. And she stretches every part of her body! From her arms, to her face, all the way down to her little toes. It's one of our favorite times with her. I'll try to post a video on it, because it's too cute.

Sweet blessings for two great grandma's

Jadeyn had two accomplishments on July 10. We went to visit Grandma and Papa Quinn and Jadeyn rolled over for her grandma! I missed it, and although she hasn't done it since (except for when I help her or put her on a pillow), she will soon enough and I was happy that Dana got to experience one of Jadeyn's firsts.

Later that night, we were back in Edmond and my mom was playing with Jadeyn and she started laughing. It was the cutest thing. Right now, it sounds more like a sweet grunt...sorta, but it's ridiculously cute. She mainly laughs now when you tickle her under her chin!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

where to start?

I don't even know where to start. It's been forever since I've posted anything. And now I have blogger guilt. I kick myself because I know I'll regret not writing down things that Jadeyn has done. These little moments are too precious to just forget about. Right now, I'm waiting for Jimmy to get home from high school beach camp. He was in Florida all last week and we are ready to have him home!! It was really cute today because after Jadeyn got up from a nap, I called him and he talked to her on the phone. She was really squirmy but when she heard his voice, she literally stopped moving and turned her head to the phone and just looked up towards the ceiling! I think she might have recognized his voice! And then when I took the phone away, she grinned for a solid 20 or so seconds!

With Jimmy away, we went to Grand Lake for the week and stayed in my grandma's RV. We had a great time with my parents, Monica and Maegan and JR. It was a little too cold to swim, but she had fun going on lots of stroller rides, taking a short hike (which in retrospect, was pretty dangerous, but we survived), played miniature golf, jokers bingo, and just had lots of cuddle time with a variety of people. My aunt Judy and uncle Don came down Wed. night and she blessed them with multiple smiles! My camera died that week and I forgot a tape for our video camera, so unfortunately I don't have many pictures, but we had a blast! She made us all laugh with her newfound laugh and is learning to grasp things and bring them to her mouth - particularly my finger. We think she may have developed her first ear infection, but we got some ear drops and seems to be doing much better.

Here's a picture of Monica, Maegan, JR and my dad playing some jokers bingo! Maegan and my dad won $1.20 and I won 5 different times throughout the week for a total of $6.90!!