Saturday, April 30, 2011

While daddy's away...the girls will play

Jimmy was serving a church in Montrose, Colorado with our church over spring break. I wasn't too keen on traveling on a charter bus with a 2 month old and 2 year old, so opted to spend half my week in Tulsa with Grandma and Papa Quinn and the other half in Bentonville, Arkansas with Mimi, Bop-Bop, Maegan and Abel. We had a fun time in both places! Until Jadeyn got another double ear infection...geesh!

As kids, whenever our family got to stay in a hotel, it was a huge treat for Erik, Maegan and I to jump on the beds. Apparently, the same is true for Jadeyn. As soon as she saw the bed, she ran over to it and started jumping. Abel is trying too!

Abel's first dip in a pool, with his cool swim trunks for Aunt Terri.

Jadeyn's first dip this year. And in her new Dora swimsuit! She LOVED it and was so proud to show anyone who wanted to see it.

And not to be left out...Brynlee and Mimi were happy to watch the action.

Swim lessons~

I don't remember the exact conversation here. But I love the facial expressions of my parents. Whatever the specific topic was about, I cannot remember. But this type of conversation between my parents happens almost daily when Jadeyn is around. My mom telling my dad to not let Jadeyn do whatever she wants, my dad not understanding her point, etc, goes on and on : )

Maegan and I were treated to Ruth's Chris one night. Yum!

Heather, Bill, Haleigh, Judi and Don all baby-sat the three kiddos and only Heather wasn't worn out enough to learn Ticket to Ride!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jadeyn is two years old today. I can't believe it. It has gone way too fast, and sadly, there's no way to slow it down. But man, what a great little daughter we have! One thing I have noticed and love about Jadeyn is a unique sensitivity God has seemed to have given her for other people. She is very aware of the needs people have who are around her...and she's two! And then, she doesn't just notice needs. She acts on them. I hope to continue to learn from her as I grow in my faith.

We woke her up by singing happy birthday to her and then she opened presents from us. Jimmy fixed her a specific breakfast that she requested last night: lots of fruit and bacon. Jadeyn and I played while Brynlee napped this morning and then met up with Jimmy, my parents, my sister, Maegan and her son, Abel and our friend, Michelle at Incredible Pizza for lunch, games and more presents. She was in a great mood all day. Saturday is her birthday party, so it's a week long celebration for our family!

Jadeyn Rose, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Snow Week

Praise God for showing me where I put my camera cord so I could finally download all the pictures I've taken since February!! We had a big 2 weeks of snow in early February. Here's most everything we did.

Making snow ice cream

We needed these discs for last years blizzard. So as soon as they were on the shelves this year, we grabbed them and used them well!

Catching snowflakes

They collided. My dad landed before the watery ditch. Jimmy landed IN it, but he was too quick for me and I didn't capture the shot.

Afterwards, tasting hot chocolate

Loving the 2nd batch of snow

Putting on the cheeto nose

But then changing her mind and eating it instead

Making cookies


The dough was balled, laid out and ready to be eaten...I look over because Jadeyn had gotten quiet and that's why!

Panty-less twister for her!