Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some new pictures

Here's a few new pictures to see!

As soon as I can get a TRUE picture of Jimmy's belly, this will be the first place it goes! But for now, here he is "standing normal" as he puts it : ) Just kidding! He looks pretty great!

Just for fun! Who's bigger???

And at 31 weeks with Jimmy looking on. 2 more months to go!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ATTN: Edmond Mommy's

It's time for us to start choosing a pediatrician. Any mom's out there that just love their kids doctor and would recommend them? I don't even know where to begin!

And to update from my last post about iron deficiency/craving ice, my blood work came back very normal with no signs of anemia or diabetes, so I guess I'll keep enjoying those ice cubes! Everything else looks good too, from what we can tell at 30 weeks. I'm about normal for how much weight I've gained and little Jadeyn is around the 3lb marker. We'll be able to know more in the next 3-4 weeks!

Monday, February 16, 2009


For over a week now, I cannot go anywhere without the wonderfully, oh so cold tasting ice cube in my mouth. I seriously have a cup sitting on my desk filled with ice and am constantly sucking on this new-found delicious treat. This is strange to me, since I have always ordered my drinks with "no ice please" or "easy on the ice (at sonic). Now I've already sent Jimmy twice to Sonic asking for just a cup of ice. I feel like I am always in the breakroom at work filling up more ice trays because I go through them every 2 hours or so.

I told my mom about it yesterday and she said one of her early memories of her mom was how much she craved ice. She said my grandma would always ask her children to give her their ice cubes when she was pregnant! Could this really be just an inherited thing?

I googled it today to see if others were in my same boat. Suprisingly, many are! However, the reason could be just a bit scary, so I'm looking into it further. Apparently, there's this disorder called Pica. It basically is an eating disorder that causes you to crave non-food items. Super weird things like dirt, soap, hair, cigarette ashes and ICE! Now rest assured, I am not wandering over to the playground and picking up dirt to eat or munching on my hair for an afternoon break. My cravings stop at the ice cubes. And the main suggested reason for craving ice is an iron deficiency. I go for my 30 week doctors appointment on Wednesday, so I'll run this crazy ice fettish by my doctor and see what she thinks.

At least craving ice is about as cheap and safe you can get...until my dentist sees what I've been doing to my poor teeth!

*some people have asked for some more recent belly pictures. my camera has decided to quit working as of late, so as soon as I can revive it or borrow one, i'll post some more...stay tuned!

Monday, February 9, 2009

the name game

after many, many, many weeks of thinking, discussing and debating names for our baby girl, we are pleased to announce we made a decision saturday night with the help of 4 very important people : ) i know there are more important things to be doing than picking out a name but there is HUGE relief that has taken place now that we have a name set!

Our daughter-to-be name is officially: Jadeyn Rose Quinn

We chose this for a number of small reasons and 1 big reason.

1. Main reason: we just really like it.

2. Her initals are now the same as her daddy's.

3. Jadeyn (in hebrew) means Jehovah has heard.

4. Rose is named after my grandma (dad's mom).

5. We like having the option of nicknaming her Jade.

6. It's different.

7. If she ever has a brother, his name will be Josiah, so we liked having both names start with a "J".

I mentioned we had help picking out the name. For memory sake, here's the story: Jimmy and I were down to 2 names - Jadeyn and Kaedyn. We liked both names equally. We decided we would let each of our parents give us their preference and the majority wins. We had 3 votes for Jadeyn and 1 for Kaedyn - although the odd man out said both were great names and didn't really mind either way! So the official name was founded on my birthday, February 7, 2009 right about 7pm. And Jimmy came up with the spelling.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy 29th mom and dad!!

I'm a few days late in posting this, but Happy Anniversary to my parents!! They celebrated 29 years on Monday!

Our family is big steak lovers. A couple years ago, my parents wanted to try out the new Mahagony's steakhouse. Little did they know how expensive this little restaurant down on Memorial really was. But they claim they ate the best steaks ever made. They have raved about this place constantly since that first encounter.
So for this year's anniversary, we all got treated to some fine steaks, delicious sides, the most tasty lobster cargot appetizer and not so good tea. The whole evening was divine!! I've included some pictures of the perfect night out!

A good steak is worth every penny! Happy 29 years mom and dad! We love YOU!