Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas is here!

This Christmas is already so fun with a 2 1/2 year old. Jadeyn is starting to "get" christmas, ie: Jesus' birthday, Santa bringing presents...There's still way more to learn on her end, but she understands the basics. But wow, it's going to be fun! My parents have a stuffed advent tree numbered days 1-24. Each day you move the star to the correct date. Well, Jadeyn wakes up every day asking if it's christmas yet. After just a couple days of this, I showed her the advent tree and told her it's not christmas until the star is on day 24. So, thinking as a child, what's the obvious response? Of course! She just moved the star to day 24 and ran into the "present room"! LOVE HER!

It's also awesome to hear her talk about baby Jesus and how He is the reason we celebrate christmas anyway. Her bible verse this month is Jesus was born, and she has got that one down! She's always looking for baby Jesus in our house and will randomly ask me at different places, "Where is baby Jesus now?"

I took her shopping today for a christmas present for Jimmy. She was convinced he needed a big jewlery box of beads.

Yes, this christmas will be lots of fun with some great memories ahead. Can't wait!

Enthralled with Nutcracker Twinkle Toes

Cutting the packaging from the tree
Watching Frosty!

Jadeyn's first taste of Egg Nog

Little Brynlee (she had to miss out on the movie/egg nog festivities since it was past her bedtime, but she LOVED seeing the tree the next morning!)