Monday, March 8, 2010

New York City!

So...My dad took me to NYC last month for my birthday. We had so much fun! Below is a recap of pictures of most everything we did. I love New York!

our first night, checking out the lights in time square

in central park with the plaza hotel in the background

skiers? in central park?

it snowed over a foot on Wednesday. Everyone was off work/school that day! Our snowman was one of probably 1,000.

yummy frozen hot chocolate at serendipity's

just one small section of the most beautiful ladies bathroom (in the lobby at the waldorf astoria)

my waldorf salad, delicious, but expensive $16!

if i could have gone to this show, i would have gotten a pearl necklace and a year supply of chocolates. bummer.

on rock on the top overlooking central park

empire state building in the back

one of three lobbies at the waldorf. nicest hotel i've ever stayed in

new yankee stadium

old stadium

outside our hotel on park avenue

nyc fashion week, models were all over our hotel!

mary poppins was so fun and entertaining!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

why we love our little valentine

10. her determination

9. her curiousity

8. how she loves to play peek a boo

7. her giggles

6. the way she gets so tickled when we chase her

5. her super cute pig tails

4. her love for pulling books off the shelf, closing my laptop and slamming kitchen cabinets

3. her beautiful blue eyes

2. how she always wakes up in the best mood and ready to play

1. the fact that she knows us, misses us and loves us

We love you, baby girl!

Monday, February 1, 2010

recent pictures

i'm a pretty good sippy cup drinker and finger feeder now

nothing can stop me from getting anywhere i want to go

i love watching the fire and playing with anything near it

taking my toys out of my toybox

crawling around...

standing all by myself...

and walking!

christmas pictures

We had a wonderful christmas, although it was different than every other year! The ice and snow was supposed to coming in on dec. 23, so Jimmy and I decided to spend the night at my parents house that night in case the weathermen really were right. Plus, I had my girlfriends christmas party near their house, so it just made things easier. I don't think we had any idea we'd be at their house from Wednesday night through Sunday morning! We woke up on Christmas eve morning with the sleet and snow starting to fall and it snowed all day! By that night, there was so much of it. I really wanted snow ice cream and for the first time ever, all I had to do was open up the back door and put my big bowl into the snow. And it barely made a dent! We are normally in Tulsa for my dad's side on Christmas Eve, so we didn't have any plans being home. Rita and Monica came over and we played games and ate lots of food. Christmas morning came and went without Maegan and JR but they made it down as soon as they could. We celebrated Christmas that night with everyone. My mom's family came down Saturday and then Jimmy and I went on to Tulsa Sunday and did christmas with his parents and my dad's extended family. Later that week, Jimmy and I had a wedding in Dallas over New Years for Mr. Bradley O'dell so we dragged Jimmy's family with us and had a great time shopping, swimming and spending family time there.

Jadeyn did better than I expected at opening up christmas presents. She did love tearing that paper and hearing the noise it made, but was also interested in what was under the paper!

Pictures below:

"swimming" with grandma quinn at the hotel in dallas

checking out the skyline

my favorite cousin hannah and one of my favorites great uncle don, although he does scare me

thanks tracie, alex and zach for the cool book!

first present to open
i love sticking anything i can find in my mouth

fun in the snow!

my brother told me earlier in 2009 that this is an el nino year. well, i believe it! we've had two big snowstorms in a month!! it's been so much fun! the first one hit on christmas eve and we ended up with a white christmas. although we were stuck indoors for 3 days straight, at least we were with family. then we just had another big snow/ice storm hit last thursday. over christmas, i think we ended up with 12" or 14", i can't remember for sure, but it was a ton for us here! and then this last bit of snow, we got, i don't know - 4" or 5", still plenty to play around in. jadeyn wasn't quite sure about the snow. i think she might be a beach girl instead : ) over christmas we didn't take her out in it, mainly because we didn't have anything warm enough for her to wear. but we did get this one windy picture of us out in the christmas blizzard!

this last snow we ventured out in it~ my parents have some hills in their neighborhood park, so on sunday afternoon, we found some "home-made" sleds and played around with us 3, monica and my parents. jadeyn stayed warm, no doubt. there was no cold air getting inside this outfit!

Friday, January 22, 2010

another milestone

jadeyn took her first steps without help today! it was fun to watch her get SO excited about it. jimmy and i started clapping for her and she got so tickled about that and kept wanting to do it again. the most steps she's taken is two, and we're excited to see what tomorrow will bring : ) she's 6 days away from turning 9 months old! i went to go grab my video camera to capture it, but didn't want to miss out on anything myself, so i'll have to tape the new accomplishment tomorrow.

hopefully, i'll get christmas and the winter season pictures updated this weekend on here! i went ahead and took a long break from the internet over christmas. it was wonderful.