Saturday, October 24, 2009

fall in DC

my friend, cassie and i went to visit andrea in dc over fall break. despite the awful rain that did not let up until we were driving back to the airport on sunday, we had a great time! it was gorgeous there but it was really just fun hanging out with wonderful friends. we still pretty much did everything we wanted to, except we decided to opt out of traveling to williamsburg, va. and yes, we got the hook-up to tour the white house! it was great fun!

us at the white house...we learned that michelle was there, the two girls were in school and pres. obama was in some meetings that day, but not sure if he was in the white house or not

abe lincoln's real tophat at the american history museum

the original declaration of independence in the rotunda at the national archive building

the cutest town, old town alexandria

the world war 2 monument with washington mon. in the background!

Monday, October 19, 2009

pumpkins, hay bales and goats, oh my!

We visited the nearby pumpkin patch a couple Saturday's ago. Jimmy and I had a lot of fun and I'm sure Jadeyn was just glad to be outside. They had a lot of different things to do as you can see below in the pictures. Jadeyn pet/looked at many different farm animals including pigs, roosters, bunnies, pony's, goats, llamas and a cow! She also rode on her first tractor ride, went on a corn field maze walk and picked out her very own pumpkin, which we're proudly displaying in our front yard.

On top of the "haybale maze" with dad

the tractor ride

pumpkin pictures

admiring the goat, she was entralled with all the animals!
Happy Fall All!

Monday, October 5, 2009

i have decided to try and make jadeyn's baby food instead of getting store bought. it's been so fun!! we've tried carrots (she LOVES them), parsnips and pears (also loves!) it's really pretty simple and i love how much money i'm saving by doing it this way, and also just the freshness of the food! i bought a package of carrots for $1.38 and made 28 servings! and this weekend i made like 33 servings of parsnips, 9 servings of sweet potato and 10 servings of pear. so they just sit in my freezer in the ice tray mold and we use them one by one. a friend let me borrow her baby food recipe book and they have so many neat ideas. can't wait to try it all out!