Tuesday, July 26, 2011

lazy summer days

Well, I know it's been a couple months since I've blogged. I am SO BAD at losing my camera cord! I finally ran out of space on my memory card so took it to Wal-Mart and put them all on a cd. So...if anyone has an extra canon camera cord they aren't using... : )

This summer is so fun with Jadeyn; and Brynlee is such a cute and FUNNY baby, she goes along for the ride and it's been a blast! My parents got a pool this summer for their backyard so we've spent many afternoon's in their pool. Jadeyn is a stud when it comes to swimming. She constantly asks to "swim myself", literally meaning by herself with no lifejacket or swim ring, floaties, anything. Of course, we hold on to her bottom, but she is so proud when she does it all by herself. *wink* Brynlee seems to really like the water when she's not tired or hungry! She'll stay in her little floatie and even kick her legs.

days spent at unpluggits! lots of crafts/indoor playground, perfect for these crazy hot temps this summer!

we bought a new kitchen table...that's awesome! i've been on the hunt for chairs, jadeyn gets to help (in her purple gloves) while jimmy fixes it

it's the fourth!!

maegan and the girls

jadeyn lighting a smoke ball

walking up to UCO for the fireworks show!

my mamaw bought this chair for jadeyn and she wanted to help paint it. it sits proudly in our living room

2nd cousins, hannah and jadeyn showing how they drink from a big cup!

figured out a new way to swing!

"Go Thunder!!" - Jadeyn

This picture was all Jimmy's doing. He loves bandanas

Brynlee's first taste of real food. I made her squash and she was NOT a fan. She does like to eat though, just not squash!

Ahhh...the best part of hot weather. Frozen hot chocolate from Serendipities, THE BEST!

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