Monday, October 10, 2011

God loves me, WONDERFUL!

There are some fundamental Truths that we overlook as we grow older in our faith. The sweetness of a child is so refreshing. Jadeyn has been learning scripture and loves saying it. However, she mixes up two verses. At school, she learned "God made me wonderful" and at church, she learned "God loves me". It would come out as "God loves me, wonderful!" (with big arm movements and shouting WONDERFUL!) When she first started saying her verses, I would correct her. But the more I listened to her, I began to think, God really does love us wonderful. His love is wonderful. He is wonderful. He thinks of us as wonderful. He takes joy in us and delights in us. So friends, remember, as I was reminded -
God loves YOU, wonderful!

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  1. Wow!!! That really is powerful, and to think that it came through the voice of such a sweet creation of our LORD~ Thanks J and Marisa for sharing that blessing.